At times, I do get questions via emails and comments regarding the items I’m using and where I got them from. Usually, I get them locally, if not, I’ll look for them online. Here’s a list of LFS and items that I use.


If you’re in Singapore, here’s a list of LFS (in no particular order) that I usually visit to get equipment, plants and livestock from. Do Google for their opening hours (and contact information) before visiting any of these LFS.

  • East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre
    22 Havelock Road, #01-699, Singapore 160022
  • Fishy Business Elements Pte Ltd
    96C Jalan Senang Level 3, Singapore 418483
  • Green Chapter Pte Ltd
    565 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368234
  • Sea View Aquarium (S) Pte Ltd
    2 Seletar West Farmway 2, Singapore 798098
    8 Chencharu Link, Singapore 769197


Assuming you’re not in Singapore and looking for items similar to what I’m using, a good place to start looking for them will be Except where otherwise noted, I have personally used all of the items below.

Essential Equipment

  • Ultum Nature Systems Ultra Clear Tank 3N*
  • AZOO FLEXI mini LED Lighting
  • AZOO Mignon Filter 360

Optional Equipment

  • AquaLighter Cooling fan aFAN*

Filtration Media

  • Seachem de*nitrate
  • Seachem Purigen


  • BorneoWild Minerax
  • BorneoWild Enlive
  • BorneoWild Bebi


  • BorneoWild Bee Ball
  • BorneoWild Minerock
  • Seachem Prime


  • Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder


  • Tropica Premium Fertiliser
  • Tropica Specialised Fertiliser

Test Kits

  • API Freshwater Master Test Kit


  • Seachem Excel

*Highly recommended by other users.