12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Week 36

Started feeding the shrimps in my nano shrimp tanks with frozen bloodworms. Hoping the change in diet will help them grow and breed.

State Of Moss

I feel that one of the highlights of my nano shrimp tank is the Christmas moss that has been growing on the wood. It started with a few shreds of moss and has grown and spread all over the wood nicely.

I didn’t have to do anything for them. No CO₂ injection or fertilizers were added to this tank except for plenty of light. Maybe the intensity is too strong that some of the moss had turned yellow.

The only thing I could do at the moment was to lower the photoperiod.

It kind of helped a bit but I’m currently looking at some options where I could maybe (and that’s a big maybe) modify the AZOO Flexi Mini LED Lighting to accept an inline dimmer and control its intensity.

Frozen Bloodworms For The Shrimps

Recently, I’ve been feeding frozen bloodworms to the shrimps in this tank. I’ve always wanted to do it but I wasn’t sure what to get and where to get them. Finally bought it for the first time and gave it a go.

The frozen bloodworms were sold in packs and each pack separates a small portion of the bloodworms into small cubes. Kind of like medicine pills, actually. Do note that it’s different from those freeze-dried types.

I just had to take out one cube from the pack, thaw it, wash it and then put a little bit at a time (using tweezers) into the tank. The shrimps will then start nibbling and fighting over the bloodworms.

I must say it was quite fun to observe them doing this.

pH Dropped Again

A check on the water parameters shows that the pH has dropped to 6.6 from the usual 7.6 that I want to maintain for this tank. I guess it’s normal for a tank like this which has no buffering capacity.

As the pH is related to the KH drop, I will have to adjust the KH once again. I’ll be adding sodium bicarbonate over the course of one week gradually to bring the KH to around 4°.

This should give me a pH of around 7.6 as previous experience has shown.

Someone on a Facebook group mentioned that adjusting the KH using sodium bicarbonate is not a permanent fix and I have to agree. It’s not a long-term solution but it’s more accurate and immediate.

Since this method lasts a couple of months, I’d prefer to use it.

Shrimps As Algae Cleaning Crew

It’s almost time (or can I say, overdue) for me to move some of the shrimps to another tank as algae cleaning crew. I’m going to pick around 10 of them and put them in my nano Ryoboku tank.

The ones that were moved to my nano Iwagumi tank are doing well and it has proven to me that Neocaridina davidi shrimps can adjust to a high-tech environment.

I believe that the batch that I’m moving to my nano Ryoboku tank will be too.

What Is Left

There’s only a couple of months left before I reset this tank and it made me realize how much time flies. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning about maintaining a tank with Neocaridina davidi shrimps.

What else have you learned from my experience?

2 Replies to “12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Week 36”

  1. I love following your shrimp posts! I am getting into the hobby of maintaining only shrimp and your blog as well as YouTube channel has been so helpful.

    I do have a question. What do you mean by reset? Are you breaking the tank down and starting over? I would hate to see that. But if you do, please do another blog/vlog!

    1. I’m glad you found my blog and YouTube channel helpful. Thank you for the encouragement. It keeps me going.

      Eventually, I will reset the tank and replace it with another style of aquascape. Each tank will only be around for about a year. That has been the plan all along. Stay tuned for a new tank setup!

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