12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Week 28

This batch of shrimps in my nano shrimp tank has been around for about half a year but their size remains small and I’m getting concerned.

The Evergrowing Moss

Overall, I’m quite happy to see the Christmas moss in my nano shrimp tank. It’s easy to care for. So easy that I don’t really have to do anything for it and it just keeps on growing.

I don’t even feel like trimming it or anything. I felt that it looks kind of nice growing wildly over the driftwood and has now partially covered the mineral stone that is in the tank.

It looks natural to me.

First Berried Shrimp

For the first time, I’m actually seeing a berried shrimp in my nano shrimp tank. It’s exciting because it’s the first shrimp to get berried in this very tank. Hopefully, it also means the conditions are right for them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t immediately get shrimplets in the tank.

I was mentally prepared for the berried shrimp to actually drop her eggs because it has been known for new berried shrimp to lose their eggs after being berried for the first time.

Shrimps Remained Tiny

There’s something that’s been bothering me, though. The size of the shrimps. Although most of them have been in the tank for about half a year, they still look tiny.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but I think it has something to do with their diet.

I feed them about four times a week and each time a different type of food. I’ve always thought that a varied diet will be good for them. There are also algae in the tank for them.

On the other hand, the shrimps that I transferred to my nano Iwagumi tank had grown larger. It could be that over in that tank, the shrimps has more natural algae to consume.

The Shrimps’ Diet

I’m now thinking what I can do to help the shrimps grow bigger since their growth seems stunted now. I’ll probably need to let more algae grow or change to another brand of shrimp food.

Right now, I’m using mostly Hikari foods to feed the shrimps. I may want to give them food from brands that focus mainly on shrimps like BorneoWild or GlasGarten.

What Are Your Shrimps Eating?

Are you feeding your shrimps any particular food and what do you find to be better for the shrimp’s growth? Would love to hear your experience with shrimp food.

What say you?

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