12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Week 24

Close to a half year since I set up the nano shrimp tank. Small issue with the KH and pH but other than that, water quality remains good.

Parameters Went Out Of Range

At the last update, I mentioned that the KH of my nano shrimp tank has dropped. The pH also dropped at the same time and I got really concerned that it might affect the shrimps.

I made the decision to adjust the parameters.

Did a bit of quick research and all that was needed to raise the KH and pH in an aquarium is baking soda. Yes, baking soda. Pure baking soda which is also known as sodium bicarbonate. Not to be confused with baking powder.

So, I went out and got a small box of baking soda. Measure the amount I need to raise the KH to about 4° and mix it with a bit of distilled water. This solution is then slowly added to the tank on alternate days until finished.

At the end of it, the KH and pH is in the range that I wanted. Done.

Shrimps With Saddles

Over the past few weeks, I noticed some female shrimps with saddles. This means that the shrimplets that hatched in this tank are already adult shrimps by now.

It also means that they are ready to mate.

Though that seems like good news, I am in no rush to see a new batch of shrimplets yet. I’d still need to move those so-called lower quality shrimps to another tank. The tank is already set up but it’s not ready for use yet.

Moving Shrimps To Another Tank

At the same time, I would like to move a few shrimps to my nano Iwagumi tank and see how well they do in that setup. Neocaridina shrimps have a reputation for being hardy but lower pH and KH may not be good for them.

I’ll probably move a small group first and monitor them.

Good Water Quality

I’m also glad that the water quality for this tank has been good for the past few months. Ammonia and nitrite are not present and nitrate are either very low or zero too.

It could be the combination of filter media or the substrate additives or both. Hopefully, as the colony grows in number, I can maintain the good water quality like now.

New Environment For The Shrimps

As mentioned earlier, some of the shrimps will be moved to another tank. It’s a totally new environment for them. They will be placed in a high-tech planted tank and I’m not sure of the outcome yet.

Some people have had success with keeping them in these type of environments. If you have ever tried keeping them in your high-tech tank, do let me know how it works out for you.

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