12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Week 20

Everything is looking good for the past 20 weeks. Recently the pH of my nano shrimp tank starts to drop a little. Should I be concerned?

pH And KH Slowly Dipping

All this while, the water quality of the tank has been good. That is, there’s zero ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Not much fluctuation in the parameters like GH, TDS and temperature too, except the pH and KH.

Recently, the pH has dipped from 7.6 to 7.0 and KH from 3° to 1°.

It has been normal routine all along. Feeding, water top ups for evaporation and small water changes. I didn’t make any drastic change to the tank. Luckily, the dip happened very slowly over the course of one month.

If I were to guess, the drop in pH is related to the KH which has lowered over time. Yes, I noticed it because I conduct weekly tests. The KH could have dropped because of excess moss absorbing the carbonates in the water.

I must say, that is the only assumption that I have at the moment.

Removing Excess Moss

The Christmas moss on the wood is looking better and better every day except for some parts that are turning brown. Other than that, I notice that they are growing quite vigorously.

I do wonder if I should give them a trim from time to time.

The free-floating moss that usually finds themselves stuck to the filter inlet grew very well too. Too well, in fact. I harvested these free-floating moss and may want to use them for another project.

Last Two Survivors

There are still two adult shrimps in my nano shrimp tank. They are but two of the original inhabitants of this tank. They remain active to this day and I hope they’ll continue to do so.

I may want to move them to another tank. Still undecided.

As for the shrimplets, their numbers are still good. I still haven’t spotted any dead shrimplets in the tank. They look active all the time and it’s nice to see them gathering at one spot when it’s feeding time.

Lowering The Photoperiod

A few weeks ago, I was worried about how much algae there was in the tank. Now, I think there’s more than enough of it for the whole colony. I guess increasing the photoperiod has helped.

But too much of it could have also caused some of the moss to turn brown as mentioned previously. As such, I lowered the photoperiod back to eight hours daily.

Let’s see how it goes.

Separating The Shrimps

As the shrimplets are growing into adults, I think it’s time for me to start “selective breeding”. Those that don’t resemble Red Rili shrimps are to be moved to a new tank.

I’m setting up a new simple nano shrimp tank for this purpose. The whole idea is to keep moving those lower quality Red Rili shrimps into this new tank so that they do not pass on their genes to the better quality ones.

With that said, I’m not going to focus too much on breeding high-quality shrimps. From the start, it’s always been about keeping Red Rili shrimps in a nice setup and the enjoying the whole process.

What say you?

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