12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Setup

Learning from my previous failures, I came up with a new nano shrimp tank setup for Neocaridina shrimps. I’m sharing with you how it’s done.

What You’ll Need

The items that I’m about to list down are things that I have used for this setup. It isn’t what you must really use and it’s okay for you to use something else that is similar.

The Basic Equipment

  1. Tank (ANS Opticlear Tank 30M)
  2. Filter (AZOO Mignon Filter 360)
  3. Light (FLEXI-mini HCRI LED Light)

Substrate, Additives And Conditioners

  1. Inert sand (Dennerle Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed – Sulawesi Black)
  2. Substrate additives (BorneoWild Minerax, BorneoWild Enlive and BorneoWild Bebi)
  3. Water conditioners (BorneoWild Bee Ball, BorneoWild Minerock and Seachem Prime)

Plants, Leaf Litter And Etc.

  1. Plants (any type of moss will do, eg. Java moss, Christmas moss and Marimo ball)
  2. Leaf litter (dried natural products such as catappa leaf, alder cones or cactus sticks)
  3. Fish or shrimp food (a small and cheap pack of fish or shrimp food for the tank cycling process)

Setting It Up

Once you have acquired all the things you need, pick a suitable date to set it all up. If you’re totally new to this, give yourself ample time to make any adjustment here and there.

Step 0 – Place tank on a flat and level surface.
Step 1 – Sprinkle a thin layer of substrate additives.
Step 2 – Pour in substrate and flatten it.
Step 3 – Add in water conditioners on top of substrate.
Step 4 – Place leaf litter and plants into the tank.
Step 5 – Pour in treated tap water.
Step 6 – Fix filter, fan and light onto the tank.
Step 7 – Switch on all equipment.

The Next Step

If you’re eager to go out and get shrimps for your tank at this point, don’t. You’d still have to wait for the tank to cycle and biofilm to grow inside your tank. Trust me, rushing things is not worth it at all.

  1. Leave lights on for six hours daily during the first four weeks.
  2. Add fish/shrimp food every one to two days to cycle the tank.
  3. Change 50% of the water weekly for the first four weeks.

It is possible for a tank fo this size to be fully cycled within two weeks but as I have mentioned earlier, give the tank more time to also grow biofilm. Biofilm on the plants and leaf litter are like staple food for shrimps. In fact, they love certain types of algae too.

Wait at least four weeks before getting your first batch of Neocaridina shrimps. During this time, learn more about how to acclimate shrimps to a new tank.

Why is Acclimating shrimp before placing them in their new tank important?

The link above is one of the best guides I’ve seen on the topic.

How do you like my nano shrimp tank setup? Let me know if you have any questions and comments. Would love very much to get valuable feedback from you too.

2 Replies to “12L Nano Shrimp Tank “Blacksand” – Setup”

  1. Nice guide!

    A question regarding cycling and switching on light.

    If I’m to prepare a tank for shrimp but without live plant, would I still need to switch on light for cycling?

    Thanks !

    1. Thanks! As for your question, yes you do need to switch on your lights during cycling. This is to promote algae growth which is food for the shrimps.

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