12L Nano Ryoboku Tank “Redwood” – Week 16

Algae is under control in my nano Ryoboku tank after I adjusted the lights and used Seachem Excel. Overgrown plants will need a trim soon.

Fighting Algae With Lesser Lights

Reducing the light intensity really helped reduce algae in this tank. In particular, those nuisance green hairy algae that appeared all over the wood and plants.

I can only conclude that too much light was the cause of it. Lowering the light intensity is the solution. I can’t emphasize this enough but modifying my LED lights with inline dimmers was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Can’t see the green hair algae anymore in this tank.

I must mention that I also need to work on growing healthier plants to prevent algae outbreak again. If plants grow healthy, algae will have no chance of taking over. That’s fundamental.

Killing With Chemicals

Reducing the light intensity and the final push using chemicals worked hand-in-hand to remove algae in this tank. I had used API ALGAEFIX on this tank. I also used Seachem Flourish Excel.

The API ALGAEFIX worked to a certain extent. Some algae are just stubborn and one, in particular, is those green fuzzy algae that were on the wood. It can’t be removed manually using a brush too.

That’s when I decided to use Seachem Flourish Excel directly on it.

I lowered the water level and applied Seachem Flourish Excel on the green fuzzy algae using a small paintbrush. Needless to say, the moss and leaves of other plants nearby are exposed to it too.

Collateral damage ensued but it was a small price to pay.

The Growth Of Monte Carlo

I love the Monte Carlo in this tank. They looked like small vegetables to me.

They’ve been growing quite well since I did the fixes to the lights and using chemicals to kill the algae. Really glad that the extreme measures didn’t kill the Monte Carlo.

I’m beginning to get worried though. One look and you could tell that it has grown quite thick. It looks good on the outside but you’ll never know what’s going on underneath it. The leaves below might already be dead.

They only way to know is to trim it soon and I hope it’s not too late.

Out Of Control

The moss that grew on the wood is beginning to be too thick at the same time. That’s not how it’s supposed to look in a Ryoboku style aquascape, right? If it looked horrible, you can blame me for it.

I was thinking that I could get away with not trimming it.

Having said that, it really is time for me to trim it along with the other plants that have gone out of control. The whole tank can be ruined just by lack of trimming.

When that’s done, I hope to trim and propagate the slow-growing Staurogyne repens. Hopefully, I can get three or more healthy trimming from the ones that I have left.

Small Bugs In This Tank

Did you notice some small bugs crawling around in this tank when you watch the video? I believe they are harmless copepods or seed shrimps. They are quite small and I’m not too bothered by them at the moment.

What say you?

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