12L Nano Ryoboku Tank “Redwood” – Week 12

Other than chemical warfare, the lights on this nano Ryoboku tank has also been modified to get rid of algae. Let’s see if this works.

Modifying The Lights

Similar to my nano Iwagumi tank, this tank is also infested with green hair algae. If I were to make a guess, it would be that the lights I’m using for this tank are too intense.

So, it’s a matter of lowering the lights’ intensity.

Wasn’t difficult to do as I have done it for the other tank. Got an inline dimmer, cut, strip and join. Done. Now I can set it to medium intensity and see how the plants and algae respond to it.

I must add that I’m also fixing the insufficient and fluctuating CO₂ injection and the amount of fertilizers used for the tank. If the lights, CO₂ and nutrients are just right, algae should be gone in a matter of time.

Using Chemicals To Kill Algae

In the meantime, I must eradicate the existing algae in this nano Ryoboku tank. Brushing and syphoning (manual removal) works, to a certain extent. I really want them to be gone as I fix the three issues mentioned above.

Since there is no livestock in this tank yet, I’ve opted to experiment and see the effectiveness of API ALGAEFIX. Heard so much about it that I had to give it a try.

I gave the tank two rounds of it at the recommended dosage.

While it did reduce the hair algae, it did not totally eradicate it yet. Perhaps I should try a few more rounds before trying another treatment method. The algae in question look green and fuzzy, unlike the hair algae.

Fast Growing Plants

Apart from that, the stem plants (Alternanthera reineckii ‘Pink’ and Heteranthera zosterifolia) are growing at an incredible rate. It’s a good sign that they are doing so.

I noticed that when they are near or has reached the surface, they tend to minimize surface agitation. This means I’ll have to trim them more often to get around this issue.

It does make me wonder if others with plants and hardscapes above the water level face this same issue. If they do, what is done to prevent or is there a workaround?

Adding Shrimps Is Delayed Again

I really wanted to add shrimps to this tank as soon as possible. It kept getting delayed as I sort out the other issues that I’m facing for this tank. Since I’m using chemicals to treat the algae issue, adding shrimps is out of the question.

As mentioned above, I’m using API ALGAEFIX for this tank. It clearly states that it’s unsafe for crustaceans such as shrimps. Many others have also warned me about it.

Until then, no shrimps will be added to this tank.

Amount Of Fertilizers To Use

I’m also researching and playing around with the amount of fertilizers to use for this tank. A good starting point is the Rotala Butterfly Nutrient Dosing Calculator. So glad I found this website.

Have you used it to calculate the nutrient dosing for your tank?

What say you?

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