12L Nano Iwagumi Tank “Greystone” – Week 28

The green algae in my nano Iwagumi tank kind of went away by itself after reducing the light intensity but in its place comes brown algae.

The Fight Against Hair Algae

After I modified my LED light with an inline dimmer, I was able to lower its intensity. Overall, I can see that it helped reduce the hair algae significantly. Traces of it still persist, especially on the hairgrass.

I have considered the One-Two Punch treatment to totally remove the hair algae but decided not to go ahead with it. It is a treatment method after all but not a prevention method.

It’s better to address the cause of the hair algae in the first place.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this experience, is that too much light is the main cause of hair algae. I’m glad that I proceeded to modify my LED light. Kind of wished I had done it earlier.

Reduced Light Intensity

Now that I have addressed the problem of the hair algae in my tank, another issue popped up. I noticed that the edges of some of the leaves in this tank are covered by brown algae.

I’ve always thought that brown algae (or also known as diatoms) come about in a new tank or when the light intensity is too low. This tank isn’t new and the light’s intensity isn’t that low.

I suspect that it may be caused by other things.

The culprit could be a dirty tank with too organics or it has become biologically unstable. I only have myself to blame for being too lazy with the tank’s maintenance.

Fertilizer Dosing Regime

Assuming that I have nailed the light intensity and CO₂ injection for this tank, the only thing that I still haven’t figured out is the fertilizer dosing regime. If I can be blunt, I don’t know how much fertilizer to dose for this tank.

The EI (Estimative Index) method of dosing seems quite popular even among beginners that I decided to give it a try. Except for one thing. I’d still want to use the fertilizers from Tropica.

I found a website that’s going to help with the fertilizer calculations.

It’s called Nutrient Dosing Calculator at rotalabutterfly.com. Just fill in the form with your tank size, the fertilizers you’re using, dosing method and it will calculate it for you. Simply fantastic!

I gave the new dosing regime a go and I noticed that some of my shrimps died at the expense of getting healthier plants. Maybe it wasn’t the new dosing regime at all that killed the shrimps.

I’ll just have to monitor and figure it out.

Time For A Hard Trim

To be honest, I’m not happy with how the plants have turned out so far. It just didn’t look right. Plus, the hairgrass still has hair algae on them that simply won’t go away.

I’m going to trim everything down to the substrate level and let it grow back.

This time, I’m also going to trim the hairgrass all the way to the bottom and see if it will grow tall again. If it doesn’t, I’m going to remove all of it from my tank completely.

That means losing the nice background in this tank.

Shrimps And Fertilizers

I know some will say that the shrimps died from fertilizer dosing. At this point, I’m going to say it’s inconclusive for my tank. Does anyone have any experience with this?

What say you?

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