12L Nano Iwagumi Tank “Greystone” – Week 24

Finally, after 24 weeks, I modified my LED lights to reduce its intensity for the nano Iwagumi tank. Let’s see if it’ll help reduce algae.

Modifying The LED

It’s been on the back of my mind for some time. I’ve always wanted to modify the LED lights for my tanks with an inline dimmer so I can control the intensity. I believe it is one of the root cause of algae in my tanks.

I took the leap of faith and bought some inline dimmers.

Before I explain what I did to modify the lights, I must mention that the AZOO FLEXI mini LED Lighting comes in two version. One with DC connectors and one without. Modifying the one with the DC connectors was easy. Get an inline dimmer with corresponding DC connectors and it’s plug-and-play. Instant dimming functionality.

The other version without the DC connectors will need some DIY. I can’t give proper advice on this one as it will void your warranty and can be dangerous if not done right. Get someone to help if you’re not confident doing it yourself.

All I did was to cut the wires in between the switch and plug, strip a short section, connect it to the inline dimmer and finish it off with heat shrink tubes to keep everything nice and proper.

Now I can control the light intensity and keep it at the medium settings.

Return Of The Gratiola Plants

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I trimmed all the Gratiola viscidula plants to the substrate level because it was overtaken by the Hemianthus callitrichoides. I had hoped that it will grow back and it did.

Now that it has grown back, I hoped to trim it once in a while so that it will grow denser. At the same time, I am worried that the same thing will happen again unless I do the routine trimming differently.

Let’s see what happens in a couple of weeks.

The Amazing Shrimps

Everything is wrong with this tank for Neocaridina davidi shrimps. Huge water changes, dosing fertilizers and CO₂ injection. Yet, the shrimps are surviving and thriving.

The original 10 shrimps are still there and shrimplets of all sizes are being spotted now. They look very healthy too with their nice clear body and red heads and tails.

In case you haven’t been following, I’m keeping Red Rili shrimps in this tank.

If this keeps up, their numbers might go out of control and they will take all the attention at the next update. If that happens, I might have to move some of them to another tank.

Doing A Whole Tank Treatment

This tank is plagued with hair algae. If I had to guess, the root cause is too much light (too intense), inadequate and/or fluctuating CO₂ levels and insufficient nutrients in the water.

I’ve made changes to the light. The next step is to address the CO₂ injection rate issue and finally, making sure I’m dosing the correct amount of nutrients for the plants.

Once all of this is done, I’m doing a final push to get rid of all the algae.

I plan to try this “One-Two Punch” whole tank algae treatment next week or so. It requires the use of hydrogen peroxide and Seachem Excel. Both quite potent if not used properly.

Your Experience With Algae Treatment

Different tanks have different algae issues. Mine is no different. Treating it once doesn’t mean it will never come back unless the root cause has been addressed.

What is your experience with algae in your tank?

What say you?

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