12L Nano Iwagumi Tank “Greystone” – Week 20

Getting much lesser algae in my nano Iwagumi tank. The other good news is that I’ve observed berried shrimps and spotted some shrimplets.

The Deep Trim

By now, my nano Iwagumi tank should have been established and there should be no signs of algae left. That isn’t the case right now. I still have green hair algae in the tank.

I don’t think I have nailed it yet and need to be more patient.

I have previously mentioned that I resorted to using Seachem Excel to get rid algae for this tank. It worked to a certain extent but I don’t plan on using it as a long-term solution.

There are much lesser algae on the plants itself and instead, I see most of them on the stones and tank walls now. Nonetheless, I did a “deep trim” of all the plants in the tank to remove as many algae infested leaves as I can.

Letting The Gratiola Grow Again

The Gratiola viscidula plants would have looked great as the only stem plants in the tank. The only problem is that the┬áHemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ has invaded its territory and choking it.

It became almost impossible to separate the two visually.

I trimmed all of the Gratiola viscidula along with the Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ all the way down to the substrate level leaving a bare patch. Let’s see if the Gratiola viscidula will eventually grow back.

Berried Shrimps Observed

It still surprises me that all the shrimps in this tank are not only surviving but also thriving. All 10 that I initially put inside are still there and at least two of them are berried.

If I’m not wrong, out of the 10, only two are male shrimps. I think this is a good male to female ratio for breeding although, I didn’t plan for them to breed in this tank.

Upon closer inspection, I do see some shrimplets too.

Avoiding Fishes Temporarily

I really wanted to add fishes to this tank and in fact, I already have a species in mind. But the algae problem is not fixed yet and the shrimps are breeding inside. So, I’ll have to hold that thought.

At the same time, I really want to focus on growing the plants well.

Something is still off and I have yet to get it just right. Since that is the case, I’ll probably need more time to adjust this and that and fix this and that. That’s another reason I don’t want any fishes inside the tank at the moment.

The shrimps will stay inside the tank to remove as many algae as possible.

What I’ll Be Trying Next

I’ve heard of user reports that API ALGAEFIX works very well against green hair algae. In fact, it has been recommended for most types of green algae. I might want to try API ALGAEFIX next. Have you used it before?

What say you?

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