12L Nano Iwagumi Tank “Greystone” – Week 16

Multiple prong attack on the green hair algae has produced much better results in my nano Iwagumi tank. Once cleared, I hope to add fishes.

Better Plants Health

Due to the green hair algae that invaded this nano Iwagumi tank, I had increased the CO₂ injection rate. This won’t directly kill the algae but more for the health of the plants.

You know what they say, healthy plants will prevent algae.

As for the plants that’s been “infected” with algae, one way is to trim them away and new growth should be free from it. The carpeting plants in this tank have a lot of algae too, so I trimmed them all the way down.

Now to let it grow back healthily, hopefully.

Chemical Warfare Against Hair Algae

I’ve lowered the photoperiod for this tank from eight hours to six hours for now. This helps to a certain extent and I can see lesser and lesser algae in the tank.

I also noticed that the plants are growing slightly slower now.

Given a choice, I would like to avoid using any type of chemical to get rid of algae. Since the situation is quite dire and I’ve done all that I can to get rid of it, I used Seachem Flourish Excel as a last resort.

I started with a single dose daily for a week and currently dosing double the amount daily. This, together with higher CO₂, lower photoperiod and huge water changes seem to have worked.

I’ll monitor the algae situation for another week.

Shrimps Survival Rate

A lot of people told me that Neocaridina shrimps wouldn’t do well in a planted tank and I was kind of apprehensive about adding them to this tank. I did it nonetheless and they surprised me.

Of the 10 that I added, all are still alive.

I’m surprised that they survived through the huge water changes, the CO₂ injection and dosing of Seachem Flourish Excel. Maybe it was the abundant algae that kept them alive.

It’s also interesting to note that they are much bigger in size compared to the shrimps in my nano shrimp tank. I’m still baffled as to what kept them alive and growing bigger.

Possibly New Inhabitants

What’s a tank without fishes, right? Of course, you could have a tank without fishes but in a tank like mine, I would like to keep some fishes to make it more lively.

I already have one species in mind and it will be revealed later.

I’m so hoping that the algae will be under control soon before I add any fishes. Not that I can’t add any fishes now because of the algae but I’d prefer to tackle one problem at a time for this tank.

The Controversial Seachem Flourish Excel

If you’ve read the literature that comes with Seachem Flourish Excel, you’ll know that they’re marketed as bioavailable organic carbon source for the plants.

Yet, a lot of people has mixed reactions regarding its use. Probably because of the ingredients in it. If I understood it correctly, the ingredients in Seachem Flourish Excel is much similar to algaecide.

That’s also probably why some people have been using it to get rid of algae in their tank and were successful too. As long as it’s not detrimental to the livestock in my tanks, I’ll probably use it for the same reason too.

Have you used Seachem Flourish Excel?

What say you?

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