12L Nano Iwagumi Tank “Greystone” – Week 12

12 weeks after setting up my nano Iwagumi tank and I’m still battling hair algae. I’ve made changes that will hopefully improve things.

Changes For Better Plant Health

I was a little stubborn at first about the CO₂ injection rate. I thought I had been giving the plants enough CO₂ for them to grow. I had a CO₂ drop checker for this nano Iwagumi tank but I never really trusted it.

How wrong I was.

Anyway, I put aside my stubbornness and increased the CO₂ injection rate from 0.5bps to 1bps. Lo and behold, the plants (especially the hairgrass and stem plants) started growing more rapidly.

In short, for the amount of light that I provided for this tank, it needed much more CO₂ than I thought. As for the fertilizers, it should be enough for now but I will continue to monitor the plants’ health.

This brings me to the next point.

Hair Algae Menace

If there’s one thing I can attribute to the number of green hair algae present in this tank, it would be poor plants health. Totally my fault for ignoring the fact that the plants weren’t doing well in the first place.

You could do a lot of other things to get rid of algae in a tank such as manually removing them, getting livestock to eat them, nuke your tank with chemicals and etc. but a tank with healthy plants should not have any visible algae at all.

I believe that healthy plants will outcompete algae.

Since I have made changes as mentioned above, let’s see what will happen to all that annoying algae as the plants keep on growing. At the same time, the plants will get some help from shrimps.

First Livestock To Go In

Waiting three months before adding livestock to a tank can be quite long for some. I do feel the urge once in a while to add some livestock to this tank but I was in no hurry.

I was focused in making sure that the plants are growing properly.

As algae had taken hold of the tank and I was getting annoyed at removing it weekly, I decided to put some shrimps in the tank. To be exact, Red Rili shrimps.

I still have ample supply of this shrimp from my nano shrimp tank, so I thought I give them a shot. Honestly speaking, I’m not sure how well they will do in a high-tech tank like this. Others have reported success, so I’m giving it a try.

Much Denser Background

Although I’m quite happy to see the hairgrass growing denser in the background, there are some parts that are not properly covered. My mistake was not covering it with more hairgrass during set up.

Even so, you can’t tell hairgrass to grow exactly where you want it.

Hairgrass are carpeting plants and they will send runners all over your substrate. You then get blades of hairgrass appearing from it. When they do pop up at places that I don’t want, I just trim it away.

To Add Fishes Or Not

I do have plans to add fishes to this tank. Maybe a small school of nano fishes that has been suggested by reading some blogs and watching some videos. Truth is, I’m still not sure if I want to any fish in this tank.

I’ll see how it goes in a few more weeks.

What say you?

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