12L Nano Dutch Tank “Clearwater” – Week 4

Overall, I’m impressed with most of the plants that are growing in my nano Dutch tank now and I’m looking forward to their full potential.

Healthy Plant Growth

It’s fine if this tank does not look much like a Dutch style tank now. Maybe it does look more like a farm tank. The plants are looking very healthy at the moment and I’m quite happy with it.

I know it’s only been four weeks but there’s no sign of algae so far. Let’s hope that plant mass and good growth will continue to keep algae away from this tank.

All my other tanks before this don’t have this kind of plant mass.

The Two Fastest Growing Plants

I’m also taken by surprise by the growth rate of two plants, namely the Rotala macrandra and Hygrophila ‘Siamensis 53B’. The grew quite tall in a short amount of time compared to the other plants in this tank.

This means I may have to trim them more often than the others.

Apart from that, I also felt that they are not growing in a way that I want. I was expecting for these two plants to grow in a tight bunch instead of growing tall. That could be caused by the way that I planted them.

Really need to find out how to place different plants together properly.

Slow Growing Carpet

I’m a bit disappointed with the Marsilea crenata, though.

I wanted a bit of carpeting plant in this tank to make the foreground look more varied. What I’ve got right now are some leaves and they don’t seem to be spreading much.

It isn’t a very demanding plant if you’ve read the description for this plant from Tropica. Should have been able to tolerate poor light conditions and high temperatures so I don’t know what’s going on with it in my tank.

It probably needs a bit more time to spread some more.

Trimming And Replanting New Growth

Some of the plants have lower leaves that are showing poor growth. I’d have to assume that the lower leaves and coincidentally the older growth, didn’t adapt to the new tank conditions.

I must say that the new growth looks much better too.

Instead of just trimming and keeping everything nice and tidy, I would like to trim off the new growth, uproot the old ones and replace the same area with the new ones.

It will probably be a mess but I really need to give this a try.

Finer Points Of Dutch Aquascaping

Would you like to attempt a Dutch style aquascape? You should read this article called Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping first. Don’t know why I didn’t notice it before.

What say you?

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