12L Nano Diorama Aquascape “Dragon Valley” – Week 4

The nano Diorama aquascape looks much better now that I have fixed the “soil erosion” that happened at the bottom left of the tank.

Fixing Soil Erosion

If you’ve previously watched the setup video of this aquascape, you’ll notice that a bit of “soil erosion” occurred at the bottom left of the tank near the end. Something that I had foreseen but didn’t expect to happen.

Well, what’s done is done so I just had to fix it.

Over the few weeks when I was doing lots of water changes, I gradually removed the excess soil that had found its way over the stones. Most of it was easily syphoned off. Others, I had to manually pick them up.

After that, the sand which made up the “valley” looks more defined now.

Training Plants To Grow Sideways

So far, the plants in this aquascape have been doing great. They look healthy and in the case of the two carpeting plants, they are spreading a bit. Not as much as I hope though.

The Glossostigma elatinoides plants are growing vertical too.

Assuming that I got the light intensity and CO₂ injection in the right amount, it may be a simple case of trimming them more often to encourage lateral growth.

I’ll be trimming all the plants anyway to stimulate new growth after this.

Interesting Plant Growth

There’s a reason why I chose the Marsilea hirsuta and Glossostigma elatinoides as the carpeting plants for this aquascape. Firstly, I have never tried growing these plants before.

Secondly, these two plants looks almost similar in shape but different in size.

The Marsilea hirsuta is like a bigger version of the Glossostigma elatinoides if it grows in the same shape. I noticed that the old growth and some are the newer ones looks like a four-leaf clover.

It’s interesting to see two different shapes of leaves from the same plant.

Monitoring Water Quality And Parameters

Actually, I haven’t checked the water quality and parameters for this aquascape.

I used to vigorously check these things for my other tanks but after some time, I realise that it isn’t much of an issue if the plants are growing well in a tank.

I will have to check them before adding any livestock to this aquascape.

Based on the water parameters, I will then choose livestock that will be suitable in this aquascape in the long run without having to constantly chase the right pH, hardness and etc.

Adding Neocardina Shrimps

There are some parts of the aquascape which can be difficult to access because of the hardscape in it. With that in mind, I’m thinking of adding the first batch of Neocaridina shrimps as cleaning crew.

Which Neocaridina shrimps do you think will look good in here?

What say you?

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